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  • D5R2 - Medium Dozers
  • D5R2 - Medium Dozers
  • D5R2 - Medium Dozers
  • D5R2 - Medium Dozers
  • D5R2 - Medium Dozers


The Cat® D5R2 bulldozer gives you the power you need for earthmoving with the precision and maneuverability you want for fine grading. Well known Cat dozer features like differential steering and elevated sprocket are joined with a new cab and optional GRADE technology features to give you world-class performance and ease of operation.

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200 Jam/Bulan
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Model Engine
Daya - Bersih
Bobot Kerja
Beroperasi - D5R2 XL (SU)


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Standard Equipment
Engine Model Cat C7.1
Power - Net 114 kW
Net Power - Rated* - ISO 9249/SAE J1349 114 kW
Net Power - Rated* - ISO 9249/SAE J1349 (DIN) 155 HP
Emissions Meets China Nonroad Stage III emission standards, equivalent to U.S. EPA Tier 3/EU Stage IIIA
Note *Rated 2,200 rpm
Standard Equipment
Fuel Tank 299 l
Standard Equipment
Operating Weight 16032 kg
Operating - D5R2 XL (SU) 16119 kg
Operating - D5R2 XL (VPAT) 16032 kg
Operating - D5R2 XL (A) 17003 kg
Operating - D5R2 LGP (VPAT) 18504 kg
Standard Equipment
Ground Pressure (ISO 16754) - SU-Blade 54.5 kPa
Ground Pressure (ISO 16754) - VPAT-Blade 54.2 kPa
Ground Pressure (ISO 16754) - A-Blade 57.5 kPa
Standard Equipment
Ground Pressure (ISO 16754) - VPAT-Blade 34.7 kPa
Standard Equipment
SU XL - Capacity (SAE J1265) 4.28 m³
VPAT XL - Capacity (SAE J1265) 3.18 m³
A XL - Capacity - SAE J1265 3.18 m³
VPAT LGP - Capacity (SAE J1265) 3.16 m³
SU XL - Width 3154 mm
VPAT XL - Width 3272 mm
A XL - Width 4165 mm
VPAT LGP - Width 4080 mm
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